Stéphane Defraine

Château de Fontenille

Stéphane Defraine
Wine like friendship requires a lot of attention and consideration. We share it like friendship and bread. Talking about wine is like talking about life and when we want to celebrate it, we go and fetch a good bottle. The wines of Chateau de Fontenille deserve to be tasted. They will always be the faithful friends on which you can count when life deserves to be celebrated.

Stéphane Defraine's wines

Château de Fontenille • Bordeaux Rouge AOC

Château de Fontenille
Bordeaux Rouge

Nice structure, bodied, dense, very representative of the asserted character of the typicity of the reds from this appellation with a stunning quality-price-pleasure combination. This wine starts to really develop after two or three years in bottle.
Winemaking : Traditional, maceration under cold temperature before fermentation. Temperature controlled at 25°C and long stay in vat.
Ageing : 50% in oak barrels, renewed for 1/3.
Château de Fontenille • Bordeaux Clairet AOC

Château de Fontenille
Bordeaux Clairet

This Clairet is a real curiosity and is made like a light red wine. It combines fruit, freshness, tenderness, without excluding balance and character. Ideal in summer, for the aperitif or with cold lunches and grilled meat. To be drunk within two years after bottling.
Winemaking : Skin maceration and controlled temperature (16°-18°).
Blending : 100% Cabernet Franc.
Château de Fontenille • Entre-Deux-Mers AOC

Château de Fontenille

An exceptional and particularly aromatic wine. This wine will perfectly accompany seafood and grilled fish, and is also amazing with goat cheese. To be drunk within three years to keep its freshness. But it can also be kept, getting rounder and more balanced in the bottle. A fresh and slightly acid wine which strikingly shows the quality revival of the white wines from the Entre-deux-Mers.
Winemaking : Skin maceration and controlled temperature (16°-18°C).
Blending : 40% Sauvignon Blanc, 20% Sauvignon Gris, 20% Sémillon, 20% Muscadelle.
Ageing : On fine lees.
Château de Fontenille • Cadillac AOC

Château de Fontenille

Beaucoup de douceur dans une petite bouteille... Fruit du terroir, de la patience et dépendant des conditions climatiques.
Ce vin liquoreux est un trésor d'exception qui sait conjuguer moelleux et fraîcheur à la fois.
Récolte : À la main avec tri successif de grains botrytisés.
Élevage : En barriques neuves pendant 18 mois.
Attention : série limitée !
Château de Fontenille • Belle Rosée

Château de Fontenille Belle Rosée
Bordeaux Rosé

This attractive and trendy rosé is going to be a must for your aperitifs. It's superb with salads, couscous, stuffed tomatoes, sushis... Ideal for a relaxing moment, it will provide a vivifying moment for your body, senses and spirit.
Pressing : Direct.
Fermentation : Low temperatures (16°C).
Blending : 100% Cabernet Franc.
Ageing : On fine lees.


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Château De Fontenille • Rouge • Bordeaux AOC 2012 Médaille
Château De Fontenille • Blanc • Entre Deux Merx AOC 2015 Médaille
Château La Forêt • Blanc • Entre Deux Merx AOC 2015 Médaille